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Dental Crowns

A denture treatment is the best choice when dental filling is impossible and there is absence of one or several teeth. The type of denture treatment is selected individually for each patient and depends on extent of destruction of tooth, references of the doctor and the patient’s wishes. Denture treatment is possible with removable and non-removable prostheses. For a proper selection of treatment methods, a complete mutual understanding between the patient and the doctor is extremely important.

Root Canal Treatment

The possibilities of modern dentistry, adopted by our Medical Center, allow us to solve the most difficult problems of dental lesions in order to avoid tooth extraction. In most cases, patients seek dental treatment on rather neglected stages of caries or when severe pain occurs, that’s why, dental treatment in our clinic, is always performed by us using the most effective painkillers, especially in cases of penetration into the root canals. Due to the variety of filling materials, it becomes possible to perform qualified dental treatment with complete restoration of their original form and basic functions of the tooth. Such therapeutic treatment includes the restoration of tooth at a stage where there is still no need in crowns installation, bridges or implants. 

Oral Surgery

So you’ve come down with a nasty bug that’s been making the rounds. If you think you have an upper respiratory infection (URI) — which includes the common cold, sinus infections, chest colds (bronchitis) — there’s a lot you can do at home to feel better faster.

Dental Implants

You’ll have infections like these many times throughout your life, so learning what helps the most (and the least) is worth your time. What to Expect with an Upper Respiratory Infection? More than 90 percent of upper respiratory infections are caused by viruses. These infections create different symptoms at each stage. Most colds and flus go away in about a week, although some symptoms (like coughing) can take two or three weeks to go away completely.


Professional oral hygiene is an important and integral part of any dental treatment, as well as the part of teeth and gums care in general. Dentists recommend to carry out professional hygiene at least 2 times a year. The procedure is the removal of plaque, which accumulates on the teeth due to many factors. Unsatisfactory daily hygiene, strong tea, coffee, smoking lead to the formation of plaque and tartar. If you do not pay proper attention to hygiene, bacteria can cause many dental diseases.   Periodontists and hygienists of our Center conduct professional hygiene in medical and preventive purposes using certified European methods.

Occlusion correction

Crooked teeth can cause headaches, ENT (ear, nose, throat) and stomach diseases. In addition, crooked teeth are more likely to be damaged.  The food particles stick between the crooked teeth, resulting formation of dental plaque and development caries. Because of a bad bite, the food is being badly-chewed, which leads to digestive disorders. Additionally, crooked teeth deface your smile, while the smile is very important for communication and feeling confident.  During our consultation, our orthodontist will introduce you the treatment methodologies and orthodontic devices, will present the active treatment duration and terms, its possible prices and the conditions for strengthening the results. In our dental clinic, all types of orthodontic treatment of the gastrointestinal tract are performed.